Peaceday2020 – Global Youth Assembly

2020 will go down in history as something special. For the first time in history we are unified by a global initiation. It is a critical situation, but out of crises can emerge new and incredible opportunities, particularly if traditional approaches and paradigms are questioned and challenged. That is what the Peaceday Youth Assembly is all about! 

Our first gathering marked the 75th An­niversary of the United Na­tions. During the Peace weekend 19-21 September, young leaders from al­most 100 cit­ies world­wide came together to dis­cuss im­min­ent and im­pend­ing global is­sues. 

The as­sembly iden­ti­fied a num­ber of ur­gent is­sues that must be ad­dressed by the World Lead­ers
Click here to view the Peace day 2020 Global Youth Assembly Declaration (PDF)

On Peace day, 21st of September, a del­eg­a­tion of youth rep­res­ent­at­ives sailed from Youth Is­land to the UN City in Copen­ha­gen on a Vik­ing Ship, to hand over the con­clu­sions from the Global Youth As­sembly to the UN.

(Click on the video below to screen highlights from the event) 

On UN’s 75th  birthday 24th of October a group of representatives from the Youth assembly handed over a birthday card with greetings from the Peaceday Youth Assembly to the UN.

(Click on the video below to view the UN75 Birthday card from the Youth Assembly)

Accompanying the birthday card was an invitation to the World Leaders, inviting them to join the Intergenerational Assembly we are planning for Peace day 2021.

Click here to view the invitation to the UN

Next steps

The Youth As­sembly will re­con­vene next year in re­sponse to the UN 75 De­clar­a­tion and present a number of actionable ideas related to the 10 themes lined out in the Peaceday 2020 Global Youth Assembly Declaration. 

It is our ambition to create an unprecedented historical event, where World leaders and Youth representatives from all of the United Nations come together to discuss how they can collaborate across borders, disciplines and generations.

In preparation for the Peaceday 2021 Intergenerational Assembly we will organize a series of dialogue meetings and events. We will share information about these events on our website  

Special Thanks to Nordea-fonden and The Tuborg Foundation